design, develop, deliver

10.02.2009 0

We design, develop and deliver mobile content and applications. We do it for ourselves and we do it for others. We use a global network of developers to ensure a speedy and cost effective development.

With many years in the interactive advertising world both in the US and UK we are well qualified to offer consultancy and expertise to clients who are diving into the new mobile world of high performance smart phones (primarily the iPhone and the Google phone) we create and build our own applications for profit and first hand knowledge. –

Call us, we work with large and small clients both locally and internationally.

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Jules Verne: Steam Punk Calculator.

15.10.2009 0

When Jules Verne journeyed to the center of the earth and needed to do a quick calculation do you think he used a plastic calculator? No! He picked up a solid well built device like this. Even though it’s free it’s far from valueless.

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Incubus – Chuck yourself

23.09.2009 0

To celebrate Incubus’ career spanning greatest hits album, Monuments and Melodies. The applications “Chuck Yourself” was produced.
Place Chucks hair, eyebrows and mustache, Incubus’ original mascot, on any picture. Choose from your existing gallery or take a picture and send it.

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Shenadoah University

26.07.2009 0

Shenadoah University now issues iPod touches to all their students. They wanted to create an application that would increase the effectiveness of the new devices for their students.

Working with Willow Tree Consulting, a US based software company, CUBiC digital
created the architecture and the user interface for the Shenadoah application as well as representing Willow Tree in client meetings and presentations.

Available on iTunes – Sept 09

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Gun Runner: a trading game

05.05.2009 0

Do you remember “dopewars”? An antisocial game that was hugely popular on the first generation PDAs. It was downloaded over 10 million times to the Palm Pilot alone.

With a proven history we wanted to bring that success to the iPhone but we were concerned that Apple might not approve a game with such an antisocial theme. But the popularity of the game is attributed to it’s urban theme.

So we merged the world of shooting and armed first person games with the trading concept of the original and came up with Gun Runner. A trading game set on the global stage.

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